Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Some Questions for the "Every Mass Shooting is a False Flag" Crowd

Suppose the US government really IS behind every mass shooting -- Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, all the way back to Columbine and even before -- and that it's some kind of plot to desensitize us to "gun control" or whatever other draconian measure they have in mind to enslave us all.

Why in God's name would the conspirators bus in "crisis actors" and fake it all up? Why not just actually kill a bunch of people? They evince a truly bizarre design to reduce us under absolute despotism, but they're also so morally upright that they'll go out of their way, at great risk of detection, to avoid any real deaths in implementing their plans?

Also, what's with this?

Per the US Centers for Disease Control, the US death rate (for 2015) is 823.7 deaths per 100,000 population.

Ceteris paribus -- I've seen no close demographic breakdowns of the Vegas concert audience -- given the reported crowd size in Vegas of more than 20,000, we'd expect 165 people from that audience to die in the year following the concert, or about 14 in the month since the incident.*

Have there been that many deaths or more? And if what's so "mysterious" about them? Do the causes of death vary statistically in some way from the usual? And if so, why? After all, a giant conspiracy to fake a bunch of mass shootings would presumably also pay attention to the post-shooting cover-up and try not to create a bunch of "mysterious" statistical outliers, wouldn't it?

And why would the conspirators go out of their way to not kill anyone in the shootings themselves, then go around killing people "mysteriously" afterward?

Is there any evidence for the "all mass shootings are fake" claims beyond "out of thousands of people I see in crowd shots, a couple look sort of a little bit kinda like people I once saw in breakfast cereal commercials?"

* OK, so ceteris is probably not wholly paribus. The top two causes of death being heart disease and cancer, one could make the case that the crowd was weighted against those since they were at a concert and not in the hospital, and that the number of deaths closely following the event should be lower. Then again, a giant conspiracy that could do a Broadway mass shooting production could presumably fake heart attacks and such as well, right?

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