Friday, October 20, 2017

A Couple of Late Thoughts on Yesterday's Nuremberg Rally

There were casualties at yesterday's event. I was one of them. My feet are blistered from walking about 11 miles, looking in vain for a Nazi presence in Gainesville, in boots that didn't fit as well as I thought they fit.

This morning, I see that there actually were a few Nazis present and that one of them even got punched, but the two biggest unified group presences at the counter-demonstration consisted of 1) police and 2) the press. Dozens of camera trucks, several hundred reporters, camera operators, etc., and the press I talked with were all doing the same thing I was -- wandering around asking if anyone had seen any Nazis.

I think I can tease a story with a couple of morals out of this thing, and I'll be trying to later. But the immediate takeaway is that the whole thing was kind of boring and stupid.

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