Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Moving from @Jaxx_io to @CoinomiWallet ...

... turned out to be pretty easy. Here's a quick tutorial for those considering it.

Why move? Well, a month after saying they were going to support Bitcoin Cash, Jaxx still isn't supporting Bitcoin Cash. If you had Bitcoin in your Jaxx wallet as of the "user-activated hard fork," you own the same amount of Bitcoin Cash. You just can't get to it, or spend it, or receive more of it, in Jaxx. That was understandable for a few days. Now it's just getting dumb. So ...

Coinomi does support Bitcoin Cash, and with a little work (not much work, and there are tutorials) you can get your balance out of Jaxx hell and into usable form.

Not that my travails are over.

If I had my druthers, I'd exchange my measly Bitcoin balance (about $20 worth at the moment) for Bitcoin Cash. But at the moment the miner and ShapeShift fees for doing that would run about $12, meaning I'd only actually get about $8 worth of Bitcoin Cash at the other end.

But I may go ahead and do that, because I expect Bitcoin proper to start falling, sharply and soon. At least one big dog has already announced it plans to renege on the New York Agreement, specifically the "2x" part of "Segwit2x." The 2x part is doubling the block size to make the network usable again.

I doubt that Bitwala will turn out to be the only lying turd in the Segwit2x pile of feces, and Bitcoin can only remain a speculation toy / high-redemption-cost bearer bond for so long before the market migrates away from it and toward a real cryptocurrency. I don't know if that real cryptocurrency will be Bitcoin Cash, Dash, ZCash or something else, but the Segwit2x people -- especially the ones who won't even keep their word on half of that deal -- are inflating a bubble that has to pop sooner or later.

Side Addendum: I've updated the sidebar addresses/QR codes to direct Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash donations to my Coinomi wallet. Hint, hint.

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