Monday, August 28, 2017

A Question to Kick Off The Week

After more than two decades of lawlessness, the most the "justice" system was able bring itself to give terror kingpin Joe Arpaio was a six-month slap on the wrist for contempt of court.

Actual justice would have involved, at a bare minimum, confiscating every dollar he had and every possession he owned and garnishing any and all future income until such time as restitution had been made to his victims.

But okay, six months.

Except that Trump pardoned him.

So, question:

If one of his past or potential victims takes matters into his or her own hands to correct the "justice" system's failure and reverse Trump's evil abuse of his pardon power, should we think of the end of Joe Arpaio as freelance capital punishment, or, given that he's already threatening to find a way back into the reign of terror biz, as self-defense?

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