Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Three Random Thoughts on the Current Situation

Random Thought #1: Comparing Trump to Obama

Trump and Obama are very similar. They both have large groups of followers who have convinced themselves to believe what they want to believe about their God instead of paying attenotion to what their God um, ACTUALLY SAYS AND DOES. "Make America Great Again" is not substantially different from "Si se puede, hope and change." They're both contentless appeals to patriotic emotion. And the people who buy them turn around and fill them with their own fantasies, regardless of the real actions of the guy who sold that shit to them.

Random Thought #2: Comparing Trump to Clinton

Here's the difference between Clinton and Trump:

Clinton was clearly a "more of the same thing as the last 25 years" interventionist. Everyone knew what to expect if she won.

Trump is also a "more of the same thing as the last 25 years" interventionist but one who conned non-interventionists into believing otherwise.

Same policies, but with Trump the War Party gets its wars AND gets to discredit the non-interventionist cause.

Random Thought #3: What the Trump regime portends

Trump is the kind of guy who is going to brew up a "constitutional crisis" every week. And the country can't stand more than one of those every few years. At some point all three branches of government go in different directions and we do what every other country ends up doing eventually -- wake up one morning and learn that the military took charge overnight.

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