Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thanks For Asking! -- 02/21/17

Last week's AMA thread went up late, so this one's going up early. Yes, I understand that doesn't really make any sense. But I was thinking about needing to remember to put up the thread tomorrow and decided to just put it up today.

This thread and the episode of The KN@PP Stir Podcast episode it will feature in are, as of now, unsponsored. If you'd like to reach a few dozen dedicated libertarians with your product, service, web site, cause, whatever, hit the contact form and talk at me. The price per episode ( for which you get audio mentions at the beginning and end of the episode and a text link in the associated Thanks For Asking! post) is $5.99.

Thanks For Asking! works like this:

  • Ask me anything (anything!) in the comment thread below this post; and
  • I'll answer in comments, on the podcast, or both.

So get with the questions already.

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