Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Fitness Goals -- January Wrap-Up

My 2017 fitness goals as I blogged in January:

Unfortunately, the Charity Miles app crapped out on me last Friday and is still crashing every time I try to run it (yes, I've rebooted my phone; yes, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app; yes, I have a support request in).

So, for the moment at least I have switched to an app called Strava to log my activities. And it's a fine app, superior to Charity Miles in virtually every way except that my activities don't earn corporate donations to charities. Which sucks. Strava logs my miles, keeps track of my average speed, presents me with challenges and compares how I do on them versus other riders/runners, etc.

Anyway, for January, between Charity Miles, manual logging while I found a new app, and Strava, I logged 230 miles.

Which was my goal. Why was it my goal? Because I logged a total of 229 miles in 206 and wanted to beat that in one month. I didn't just walk or ride 229 miles in 2016. That's what I carefully logged (I didn't even find the Charity Miles app until mid-year and wasn't especially regular about using it).

One thing Charity Miles did not do is distinguish in its long-term record-keeping between riding and walking/running. So I have to guesstimate, and my guesstimation is one mile walked for every six miles biked. So call it 33 miles on foot, 197 on the bike.

Assuming the weather is nice in February, I my goal is to do at least 330 miles -- averaging a mile a day on foot, ten miles a day on the bike minimum.

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