Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gary Johnson's Campaign Debts Get Bigger and Less Avoidable

The Federal Elections Commission ruled on April 5th that Gary Johnson's 2012 campaign committee owes it a refund of $332,191. The FEC's claim is that some of the "matching funds" welfare it gave to the campaign were used for non-qualifying expenses.

Johnson's 2012 campaign organization, which was already $1.4 million in debt before this ruling, has 30 days to cough up.

In the meantime, his 2016 campaign organization reports that it has, thus far, spent about $36,400 more than it has taken in. I say "reports" because, as we now know, at this time in the 2012 campaign cycle Johnson's campaign actually had six times as much debt as it admitted to. Is the campaign lying this time too?

The Libertarian Party Can't Afford Gary Johnson Again.

[Update: I may be mis-reading the current report. George Phillies reads it as indicating that the Johnson campaign is spending more than it is taking in in actual campaign contributions, but not more than it's taking in altogether -- because it's taking government welfare ("matching funds") again - TLK]

[Additional update: And now, no, it doesn't look like the Johnson campaign is getting any matching funds; rather, its latest campaign finance report is screwed up with respect to which fields contributions were reported in, etc. So whether even the basic numbers reported are correct, or believable ... well, who knows? If they are, the campaign is spending more than it's taking in - TLK]

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