Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Does the Libertarian Party Need a GenX Caucus?

And maybe a Boomer Caucus?

It's got a Millennial Caucus now.

Caucusing by age seems like a weird idea to me.

The Millennial Caucus mission seems to pretty much just a combination of 1) re-packaging the starry-eyed cargo cultism of the circa-2006 Reform Caucus and 2) "Hey, we need to get with that there Internet thingie, because all those geezers who are older than 36 never THOUGHT of that."

I guess it's cool that millennials are active and all. And admittedly, before I got old as dirt, I thought I had all the answers too, and didn't want to hear that all my magical silver bullets had been tried before either.  Then I learned better. Presumably the Millennial Caucus will go through the same process, with some of them giving up and some of them hanging in there and making a difference.

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