Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Quick Report on Garrison Center Pickups

So far I've identified 61 February reprints of Garrison Center op-eds in "mainstream" newspapers and non-libertarian political publications.

Not bad -- the number for January was 63, but of course February's a short month and I missed a column on Saturday due to illness, personal emergency, etc. So I'd say the trend is holding or maybe even improving slightly.

And there's that "so far" thing, too.

Like I said, I counted 63 pickups for January ... as of early February. When I went back yesterday to look for pickups in February, I found more January pickups that hadn't been indexed by Google yet when I previously searched (and reported results). How many? IIRC, four. And it's likely that over the next month or so, I'll find some more February pickups, too.

So, as of right now, Garrison seems to remain on track to hit 750 pickups this year (versus 545 for the 11 months of 2015 that it was in operation).

This assumes, of course, that recurring support for my work (excluding the angel donor who's been "carrying" me while I hit YOU up) continues to increase so that I can justify continuing to do this rather than doing something else. Thanks to Chuck Coffer, whose $5 per month pledge has brought the total up to $60 versus the $250 per month goal.

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