Sunday, March 06, 2016

And That, as They Say, is That

Usually when a political type talks about running for office and starts an "exploratory committee" or puts out a poll or whatever, the idea is to either demonstrate the existence of a base of support or to create a wave of support.

Of course, I'm not the usual political type. When I threw up an Internet poll last Tuesday on whether or not I should seek the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination, the idea was to show three people who had suggested I do so that it would be a bad idea.

I think the poll results establish that it would, indeed, be a bad idea.

The post was only read 93 times. Only 16 people bothered to cast votes, and only one person went even farther and contacted me by email to tell me I should run.

There's no way to spin that other than "complete lack of interest." The post/poll was flogged to thousands of my own Facebook and Twitter friends/followers, and I saw it flogged to some of my friends'/followers' friends/followers too.

The trial balloon was made of lead, thank God. No veep campaign for me!

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