Monday, July 20, 2015

This IS a Tasty Burger! But ...

There's a new eatery in Melville, South Africa. The food sounds a little ... fru-fru ... for my taste, but I admit the theme is interesting. The place is called "Pulp Fiction," so of course some of the dishes riff on that film. Here's my problem:

The burgers are real hunger busters and they offer a choice of the Royale with cheese, a 200g beef burger with chimichurri sauce and camembert, or the Bad Motherf***er, consisting of a 250g beef patty, homemade bacon jam, chilli relish, fresh avocado and blue cheese.

Emphasis mine.

If you're going to name a Pulp Fiction themed burger "Bad Motherf***er," it needs to be a burger that Jules Winnfield would eat. And Jules would not eat that burger:

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