Wednesday, July 08, 2015


On the one hand, my life has become much easier since I switched from visiting 80-100 web sites every day (for RRND) to plugging all those sites into an RSS feed reader. All the sites I cover show up in a list on the left side of the screen. I can see what sites have new material, and by selecting any site I can see what the new material is and decide whether or not it's interesting before opening it up to read, excerpt and link.

On the other hand, my life has become much harder over the last couple of months as my RSS reader of choice, Inoreader, has become slower and slower. I don't know what the problem is, but the site itself churns a lot while trying to bring up material, and also seems to slow everything else running on my machine. Which sucks, because I really like the way Inoreader is set up.

I'm test driving three other readers at the moment so that I have a replacement ready and waiting if I need to make a jump.

Awhile back, on a post I barely recall, a commenter recommended The Old Reader. Two others I've come across and finally decided to try out are Feedly and Digg Reader.

All of them do the same thing, of course: They keep track of "my" site feeds (I exported them as an OPML file from Inoreader and imported them at each new reader site), show me what's new, etc.

But I'm sure differences will show up (one thing I've noticed is that it's highly variable, between both sites and readers, as to how long it takes for material to show up in my feed reader after it's posted at a site).

Anyone got other suggestions for browser-based RSS readers to try out? At the moment, I feel like Inoreader is costing me an extra half hour or more per day waiting on stuff to happen. I won't be putting up with that for long.

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