Friday, June 05, 2015

Yeah, I See What They Did There

Thursday morning: New Edward Snowden disclosure -- The NSA's illegal, unconstitutional, warrantless web spying on American has, at some point in the past, been secretly expanded to include collecting intelligence on cyber attacks.

Thursday evening: The Obama administration announces a cyber attack on its Office of Personnel Management.

The cyber attack took place in April.

If it took place at all, that is. So far as I know, nobody's caught Snowden lying about anything yet. The US government's default approach to public relations, on the other hand, seems to boil down to "why should we ever tell the truth when a lie will usually do just as well?"

I will not be at all surprised if we eventually learn  that the second story was sewn together from whole cloth in an emergency meeting yesterday afternoon.

It's clear to anyone who's paying attention that the sole and entire purpose of floating the second story last evening was to eclipse, and justify the implications of, the first story yesterday morning.

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