Friday, June 26, 2015

Grinds My Gears ...

Either ask me to do / not do something or demand that I do / not do that thing. Don't start by pretending you're asking, then tell me no, you're actually demanding:

The property owners (of the shopping center where this sign is plastered all over the place) have the right to set any rules they want to set for what goes on in their parking lot and on the concrete apron/sidewalk in front of the stores. But the doubletalk annoys me.

As a side note, the coffee shop at one end of this shopping center always seems to have at least one, often more, bicycles chained up out front while their owners are having a cuppajoe. I doubt those bikes teleported in. So in addition to pretending to ask when actually demanding, it's pretty clear they don't enforce the rule, either. So what's the point?

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