Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why Can't it be Both?

I get lots of email, including mail from sketchy/shifty groups that I either want to keep an eye on or that, at one time another, supported some worthy cause or action and by doing so got me on their list.

IIRC, "Demand Progress" falls into that last category. I think they opposed CISPA. But these days they evince a design to reduce us under absolute despotism and cheerlead for the FCC's fascist Internet coup d'etat support "net neutrality."

So today I get an email from David Segal of Demand Progress, which opens as follows:

A key committee in Congress voted yesterday to attach a provision blocking Net Neutrality to a must-pass spending bill that funds the federal government.

Their implicit threat: Give in on Net Neutrality or we'll shut down the government.

He writes as if either of those outcomes would be bad. And of course he asks me for $5 to "make sure we have the resources to win."

My only problem with either of those outcomes is that I'd rather block "net neutrality" AND get a government shutdown. Who can I send $5 to for that?

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