Friday, August 15, 2014

Out and About

Inshallah and the creek don't rise, I'll complete my third 100+ mile week in a row on the bike tomorrow. Right now I'm at 98.5 miles for the week and even on "rest days" I usually put in 5-10 easy, laid-back miles just to keep muscles from stiffening up and so forth. Right now I'm ranked 15,456th of 44,448 riders in the National Bike Challenge and (for August so far) 29th of 285 riders in the Challenge's Gainesville Cycling Club team (the GCC team is in first place nationally and placed first in last year's challenge).

Friday is my "long ride and treat myself to lunch at the far end" day. This week I did a 32.x-mile round trip to Bronson to eat at Shakers Drive-Thru:

Good burgers. Been there before but this was the first time by bicycle. I stopped on my way in to Bronson to pay my respects at a grave of note:

I guess I'm going to have to up my game. I feel about as good as I ever have; my blood sugar is coming nicely into line after years of fighting it; I can tell I'm building muscle, but the weight loss has stopped. Not sure why. I don't count calories, at least not carefully, but I'm eating less and exercising more. I dropped about 7-8 pounds and now I seem to be stuck at 224-225 pounds. Didn't really worry much about it at first -- I figured hey, muscle weighs more than fat so maybe I'm just gaining the former fast enough to obscure the loss of the latter -- but it's starting to bug me.

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