Saturday, August 23, 2014

4x 100, etc.

Just wrapped up my fourth 100+-mile week on the bicycle in a row. This week was also my first time participating in an "organized cycling event" (fortunately I'm not very noticeable in any of the pictures, as most of the nearly naked riders were much easier on the eyes than me). After a little looking around, I've also found the bike shop I plan to call home.

I'm thinking I may shoot for 150 miles next week. I'm still in 29th place of 287 riders in the Gainesville Cycling Club's National Bike Challenge Team and in 13,284th place out of 45,233 riders nationally. Not that I really think of it as a competition per se, but I am trying to measure up as a rider of at least average activity/dedication just because that's how I am.

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