Friday, August 01, 2014

30.4, 106.9

OK, I'm back on track with my biking goals. Finished my first 30+-mile ride today (30.4 miles to be exact), and for the first six days of the week ... well, I'll just let the National Bike Challenge tell the story:

I decided to knock out my first 100-mile week over six days instead of seven that I can take a rest day tomorrow. In theory I should take at least one a week, but it's been 13 days.

Friday is my "long ride" day, with a prize (lunch) in the middle. That's my way of rewarding myself for dieting all damn week. Today I lunched at Mac's Drive-Thru, a Gainesville institution of note. I'd been planning to ride to Bronson to lunch at Shakers Drive Thru, but since I'm still assembling things like spare tubes and wrenches and stuff I decided I'd rather be in town than on a rural highway should I happen into trouble of some sort. So Shakers will probably be next Friday.

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