Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Two Things That Start with "F"

Florida and Flux.

I'm in both at the moment.

We arrived in Gainesville a couple of days later than planned. No major road troubles, we just got a later start leaving due to last-minute packing taking a lot longer than planned (and discovering a nail in a tire and having to get a new one before leaving, etc.). We left Sunday afternoon, spent the night in Tupelo, visited Elvis's birthplace on our way out of town, and got into Gainesville a few minutes before the New Year.

We spent yesterday house-hunting, and hopefully will sign a lease on something and start moving in today or tomorrow.

Most of our stuff is in U-Haul "totes" and won't come down here until we can tell them where to bring it. We've got clothes, a few blankets and pillows, and the essential electronics, and that's about it.

I'm personally favoring a trailer between Gainesville and Archer (final living/dying place of Bo Diddley), but we've looked at a cabin out by Interlachen as well, and may have a couple of other places to check out. Presumably we'll be signing a one-year lease, so we want to get it right on price, location and quality. The Archer choices look pretty nice, and they are a straight shot/short commute for Tamara, who started her new job this morning. They're also in a location that gets cable, which is a plus for me (I'm skeptical of satellite Internet).

I've already had great barbecue (a little place down by the UF campus called Adam's Rib), but haven't seen any live alligators yet. There was a little lizard of some kind crawling across a window at one of the trailers, though.

Climate-wise and such, I'm already loving this place. I'll be fat and happy once we have something to call "home" so I can have reliable Internet and get back on my various jobs full-time instead of trying to keep up via hotel connections, McDonald's hot spots and so forth.

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