Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maybe I'll Get Myself a Cowboy Hat and Busk

My beat-up but beloved guitar (an Epiphone PR-100 -- a pretty good instrument for the money) made it to Gainesville relatively un(further)-scathed in the shipping tote. There's a little divot out of the neck right below the 9th and 10th frets, but it doesn't seem to have hurt anything. Broke a string as soon as I started playing it, but it needed new strings anyway, so I got some.

Much as I've always fancied myself a rocker, I was brought up on, and started learning at, country and southern gospel. My fingers have never really been able to find the blues licks very well, and when trying to play and sing anything but a three-or-four chord country tune I just lose the rhythm. But I can knock out "Your Cheatin' Heart" or "Always Late (With Your Kisses)" or "Cup of Loneliness" or "Folsom Prison Blues" and actually keep time, manage the back-and-forth on the bass end, throw in the occasional run, etc. Heck, I think I even have a fairly convincing twang/yodel.

With a decent hat and some nice boots, maybe I could get sorta famous.

OK, maybe not ... but if I start feeling like I've earned it, I may treat myself to one of these.*

*My dad bought a 1962 Gibson Hummingbird, cherry sunburst ... in 1962. He had three sons, and said if any of us learned to play, that one would inherit it. I never got good enough to really rate it, and he eventually sold or gave it to my nephew, who does play, and who plays gospel music on it in church (something my dad greatly approves of). Of course, the Gibsons cost ten times as much now, and I doubt they're as good as the older models. But Epiphone makes a pretty good machine at a reasonable price. I think I could enjoy playing it. I may not be a great guitarist, but I despair of ever getting even passably good on the mandolin or harmonica, so I'm gonna roll with what I have some skill at.

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