Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Generally Skeptical of "False Flag" Theories ...

... because most of them suffer from a lack of real, verifiable evidence to make them seem very likely.

But I have to admit that the murder of Hadiya Pendleton, by an as-yet-uncaptured lone gunman, in a town run by Barack Obama's former chief of staff, the week after she performed at Obama's second inauguration and just as he's really cranking up his victim disarmamament ... er, "gun control" ... initiatives, seems rather implausibly convenient. Especially when we take into account that Obama is the first American president to really be very up-front in claiming a power to order the murder of an American whenever he might happen to find such a murder politically useful.

No, none of that is real evidence, either. And I'm still skeptical. But if I was looking for Hadiya Pendleton's killer, I'm thinking maybe Obama's someone I might want to bring downtown for a chat, you know?

In the meantime, victim disarmament ... er, "gun control" ... advocates are already dancing on Pendleton's grave and screeching that what we really need more of are the victim disarmament ... er, "gun control" ... laws that have served Chicago so well. Why am I not surprised?

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