Saturday, November 03, 2012

Cloud Atlas

I wasn't expecting to catch Cloud Atlas this weekend, but both Tamara and the kids wanted to, so we did -- 4:45 matinee at the Moolah.

I was surprised that the kids wanted to see it. I was even more surprised that they sat through all three hours of it without visible loss of interest.

Short review: A great big mess of a movie, but a beautifully rendered mess. I expect I'll be seeing it several times (probably not on the big screen again, though).

Up sides: Stellar acting from a stellar cast. Magnificent visuals.

Down side: Three hours just isn't time enough to fully elaborate six separate plots, even though they are theoretically inter-related plots. I don't know what the filmmakers could have done to remedy that without the thing dragging out to another three hours (at least). Maybe nothing.

At any rate, I didn't leave the film wanting my three hours back. Not a grand slam, maybe not even a home run, but at least a ground rule double.

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