Monday, October 17, 2011

Some C4SS updates ...

C4SS director Brad Spangler is going 24/7 with Occupy KC:

Our volunteer editor/proofer, Rocco Stanzione, has decided to move on to other things. We'll definitely miss him.

I've agreed to expand my role at the Center to encompass the work he was doing, but I demanded a $140 per month pay cut as part of the deal. Yes, you read that right -- I've normally contributed $100 per month of my C4SS pay back to the Center. Instead of continuing to do that, I'm just asking them to pay me $140 less per month ($500 instead of $640).

My other demand was that we get some focus going on raising the money to get pay caught up and kept up for all of the Center's paid personnel. Nobody's getting rich there anyway, and pay has tended to lag several months behind. So, I suppose I should focus myself ...

Please support our work!

Among the things that money buys is an average of one market anarchist op-ed actually published by a newspaper, magazine or popular web site per weekday. We're coming up on 400 such media pickups now. So far as I can tell, we are the world's foremost anarchist media center, and we're accomplishing that on total (requested, not necessarily received) funding that comes to a single individual middle-class income. Like I said, nobody's getting rich.

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