Saturday, October 08, 2011

Got My First Klout Perk ...

... and it seems just right to mention it. The idea is that if you have a high enough Klout score, businesses send you stuff and hope you say good things about it. So, for FTC disclosure purposes or whatever hooey, hey, I got a little tube of Axe "Hold and Touch Spiking Glue" and will now review it.

A couple of months ago, I really couldn't have -- I've been doing the shaved head thing most of the time for a long time, nothing to spike. But recently I switched to a flat-top, which I hope to eventually cultivate into a respectable Porter Wagoner pompadour. So, right now my hair is just the right length for spiking if I want to look like an old guy trying to look like a young punk.

Anyway, it works. My hair is now pointing in all kinds of weird directions, and doesn't seem to be falling out, turning chartreuse, or plotting world domination independently from the brain underneath it. So, if you're looking for spiking glue, I can heartily recommend Axe in good conscience.

If you ever want to send me something to review, just hit the contact form. If a line forms, bourbon and women move to the front of it.

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