Saturday, November 20, 2010

When a politician or bureaucrat quacks about "security" ...

... make sure you understand what (s)he is really saying.

It's not about your security -- your safety from terror attacks, etc.

It's about their security -- specifically, their job security.

TSA is a welfare program for:

- Politicians who think they can't get re-elected without telling you Osama bin Laden's hiding under your bed;

- Contractors who think they can't turn a profit selling real products and services to willing customers;

- Bureaucrats who aren't competent enough to keep an accurate inventory of toilet paper and bleach at an average-sized department store; and

- Rank and file employees who are either too lazy or too stupid to hold down jobs deploying that toilet paper and bleach to the bathroom stalls and bowls in the stores the bureaucrats are incompetent to manage.

These people think that you owe them not only a "job," but a slight bow at your waist, a tip of your cap, and a respectful aversion of your eyes whenever you happen to encounter them doing that "job." They're lords, you're serfs. Their job is to issue orders, your job is to follow those orders ... and pick up the check.

Not only do they not give a tinker's damn if you get blown out of the sky or get your throat cut as a starting point for "negotiations" over the fate of the plane their spiritual siblings in al Qaeda have taken over, they'll welcome any and every such incident as an opportunity to seek a raise and more responsibility authority.

And the longer you wait to tell them to go fuck themselves, the harder it will be to get it through their heads that you mean it.

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