Sunday, January 24, 2010

Libertarian National Convention 2010: Official Site Up

The Libertarian Party's official convention site is up at

In the category of "not especially surprising surprises," see the registration page: The usual suspects are back at their perennial efforts to levy a poll tax on delegates.

The intent of the tax, which runs $99 and up ($49 and up after a kickback for patronizing a designated hotel) is to force all delegates to subsidize a luxurious venue and various extra-convention activities for the "privilege" of representing their state parties at the bylaws-required biennial business meeting which the membership has already paid for with its dues.

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To paraphrase George HW Bush and The Dude, "this will not stand, this aggression ..."

Resolved, that activities and amenities above and beyond the requirements for holding the required business sessions should be paid for by those who are interested in said activities and amenities. The Libertarian Party isn't -- or at least shouldn't be -- a welfare agency or an extortion racket.

I hate to ask anyone to put off registering for the convention, but it's important that you do so even if you planned on buying one of the "extras" packages. Until the requirement to do so has been withdrawn, buying a convention package amounts to rewarding and encouraging bad behavior. For bonus points, let LPHQ know that you'd like to buy a package and that you'll do so as soon as this poll tax nonsense is dispensed with.

Personally, I expect this matter to be resolved in the next few days. Since the poll tax is obviously in violation of the party's bylaws, the chair can and should rule it so and put a stop to it, and he's already been asked to do so by at least three Libertarian National Committee members.

If the chair declines to do his duty, presumably the thing can be done away with at the next LNC meeting in February. Make sure you talk with your regional representative about the issue before then.

I'll update this article as the matter of smooshing the poll tax -- or, if necessary, counter-acting it -- proceeds. I'd much rather be encouraging people to buy packages than asking them not to.

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