Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Gitmo detainees: Who are they?

Andy Worthington put three years and a lot of work into identifying and chronicling the stories of all 779 people who've been held in the Guantanamo Gulag. Here's the list, with basic information and cross-references to Worthington's book, The Guantanamo Files.

The book, says Worthington, is "based on an exhaustive analysis of 8,000 pages of documents released by the Pentagon (plus other sources)." It includes a narrative of the establishment and operation of the facility, a chronology of prisoner seizures, and the detailed stories of about 450 of the prisoner, as well as contextual/circumstantial information on the rest.

Note: This is not a review -- I haven't read the book yet. It sounds fascinating, though, and is probably the most detailed and factually honest account of Gitmo we're going to get until and unless Gitmo produces a Solzhenitsyn.

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