Saturday, January 09, 2010

Big Government, Big Business -- Conjoined Twins

That's the title of my latest column at the Center for a Stateless Society. Teaser:

Government is not and never has been a "counterbalance" to corporate power. In fact, it's historically been the primary enabler, the symbiotic partner, and a significant beneficiary of that power. The idea that an institution whose employees keep a revolving door spinning between Capitol Hill and the K Street offices of the corporate lobbies, an institution afloat in a sea of corporate campaign donations, an institution groomed to the express task of transferring money from the taxpayer's pocket to the corporate bottom line, can act as a "counterbalance" to corporate power is absurd on its face.

A corporation, from its birth, is a creature of the state. Absent the intervention of government on its behalf, no such entity could exist.

Speaking of C4SS:

- The first quarter 2010 fundraiser is on. Since my work there represents a significant chunk of my personal income, I'd much appreciate your support for the Center.

- Not only do I work there, I just got promoted -- to "Senior News Analyst" -- and got a new co-worker, Darian Worden. Read all about it.

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