Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Mac question


I've got a fairly simple problem, and I'd like to narrow down the possible solutions. I'm looking for:

- A text editor for MacOS that looks and works like Geany; or

- A version of Geany that runs on MacOS without some kind of weird conversion requirement.

By "looks and works like Geany," I mean that it

- Allows for tabbed text editing (i.e. like tabbed surfing in Firefox or Safari, only editing text files, so that I can edit, say, seven files simultaneously without it being troublesome to switch between them);

- Accommodates multiple encodings (ASCII, UTF-8, etc.);

- Allows conversion of line break types (Windows, Unix, etc.);

- Preferably toggles easily back and forth between word wrap "on" and off"

I'm using JEdit (a Java text editor) at the moment, and it comes fairly close, but not close enough that I wouldn't prefer something better. I've downloaded and tested several other editors, and I'd rather not go through another 50 before finding what I need. Anyone know what's out there that fits my requirements?

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