Monday, December 14, 2009

Everything you need to know about Joe Lieberman ...

... you can get from the name of his political party: "Connecticut for Lieberman."

In Joe's mind, his US Senate seat doesn't exist for the purpose of service to, or representation of, the state of Connecticut. Rather, the state of Connecticut exists for the purpose of providing Joe Lieberman with a US Senate seat. He's a grifter monarch, asserting his Divine Right to rule "in all cases whatsoever," with a fair degree of success.

Never be surprised when Lieberman changes his position, as he just did on the "health care reform" scam's "Medicare buy-in" provision (as recently as a few months ago, he was for it; now he's agin it).

For Joe, it's seldom about the policy -- it's about what makes Joe the power broker, the center of attention, the Big Kahuna.

It may be a little bit about the policy this time. He's all for the "individual mandate," which transfers money from your pocket to the bank accounts of his backers in the insurance industry ... but it could be that the "Medicare buy-in" would hurt his wife's relationship with her Big Pharma paramours if they get stuck with price cuts as a result of government "negotiations." But that seems a bit speculative. Occam's Razor says that this is probably just Joe Lieberman being Joe Lieberman as usual.

Talk about a piece of ... work.

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