Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Limited commercial interruption"

I love Hulu. Really, I do. I'm not much of a regular TV viewer, so when there's something I like ("House, MD," for example) or want to check out (the remake of "V") it's much more convenient to sit down and watch several episodes at once than to rearrange my life around a TV broadcast schedule.


When I hear the words "brought to you with limited commercial interruption by X," I generally don't expect an ad at the beginning, an ad at the end, and five more ad breaks in between during a ~45 minute show episode. And that's what I counted while viewing the aforementioned "V" remake.

I'm not bitching about the number or frequency of ads here, at least not any more so than anyone naturally does. I understand that commercial sponsorship is what allows Hulu to deliver the goods and make money doing so. But please, can the "limited commercial interruption" garbage. If it was any less "limited," the commercial interruption would constitute everything between the opening scene and the closing credits.

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