Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mini-review: WirelessRefill.Com

WirelessRefill.Com/PrePaidOnline.Com has an affiliate program, but this is not an affiliate link, since it seems to go by individual product and I want to point you at the whole site.

I've been a WirelessRefill.Com customer for a couple of years, and have always received good service, good prices (there's a monthly discount code and a "loyalty points" program, both of which shave cents off their prices). If you use pre-paid cellular, there's just no better way to go. It's cheaper (even if you forget to use a discount code -- they don't charge sales taxes or other fees like most meatspace stores do) and you don't have to go out to a store to get a card.

It wasn't until tonight, though, that I realized just how good they are: I dropped by their site to purchase minutes for my (Page Plus Cellular) phone, and instead of getting a PIN by email within a few minutes, I got a phone call within a few minutes -- to verify that I had accidentally ordered the wrong product ($10 applicable toward Page Plus's "unlimited nights and weekends" plan) and fix me up with the right one ($10 worth of straight airtime -- for $9.70 after the discount code) that I've always bought (yes, those are affiliate links).

They could have just filled the order and said "no refunds," and I'd have almost certainly continued shopping with them. It was, after all, my mistake and not theirs. Instead they used a customer service rep's time to follow up on a transaction that didn't look right, and saved me close to $10 by doing so. After that, how could I not recommend them?


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