Monday, September 28, 2009

Do it for the children (of the revolution)!

Check out the status of the Center for a Stateless Society's 4th quarter fundraiser.

Disclosure: I've got a vested interest here. C4SS pays me to write two columns a week at $25 per piece. I enjoy writing those columns. I also enjoy getting paid to write them. I'd support the Center, and recommend that you support it, even if that wasn't the case, though.

The current C4SS fundraising goal breaks out to about $12k per year. Nobody's getting rich there, but it's some damn good work they're doing, especially for the costs involved. Kevin Carson, Alex R. Knight III and I are all putting out steady "current events" material at newspaper and magazine length, and Kevin's also doing studies of greater length and larger scope.

In terms of word count, we're talking about probably 3-4 "books" per year, freely distributed and presumably to remain available in perpetuity through archiving and external reproduction. And this current fundraiser will expand those activities -- more text pieces and thrice-weekly audio commentaries.

Consider yourself blegged.

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