Monday, May 05, 2008

Clinton, McCain don't go far enough

Hillary Clinton and John McCain have both taken some flak over their suggestion that the federal tax on gasoline be given a "holiday" -- i.e. not collected -- between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Isn't it funny how no scheme is too outlandish until it might in any way, shape, manner or form reduce government revenues, at which point it instantly becomes "unserious?" Of all the entities in society -- my family, your family, the grocery store down the street, the multi-national corporation down the road -- government is the only one that is untouchable and must never be required to pare back its planned spending or tighten its belt in any way. Suggest taxing salaries in excess of $200k at 100% and you're in the mainstream. Suggest cutting the federal budget by a nickel and you're some kind of lunatic.

That's not to say I support the McCain/Clinton scheme. I don't think it goes nearly far enough. I favor Steve Kubby's proposal -- a "holiday" on the whole federal income tax from now through the end of 2008. Now that's a friggin' tax holiday! I can hear the blood vessels breaking loose in Nancy Pelosi's brain all the way over here in St. Louis.

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