Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bleg: Matching funds challenge for AntiWar.Com


I just contributed $10 to AntiWar.Com, and I'm asking those of you who value that site's contributions to the peace and freedom movements to match (or exceed!) it.

AntiWar.Com does an amazing job for not much money -- about $70k per quarter, barely a drop in the bucket compared to the budgets of any of dozens of pro-war "think tanks" or of even a single "major media" (read: War Party lapdog) operation.

In my opinion, AntiWar.Com is the most significant counterweight we have to the Bushevik/neoconservative lie machine. For ten years now, they've been doing a tough, often thankless job ... and they've done it well. Please join me in helping to ensure that they're still here, and still at it, ten years -- and ten days -- from now.

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