Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LP candidate debates -- archived and upcoming

While I'm wearing my "promote my candidate" and "feature the candidates" hat, might as well make it easy for those of you who want to hear debate audio:


- Steve Kubby debates Wayne Allyn Root on The Liberated Space [MP3]

- Steve Kubby debates George Phillies on The Liberated Space, 03/08/07 [MP3]

- Multi-candidate debate at the 2007 Nevada LP convention, 02/10/07 [MP3 1] [MP3 2]


- Third party presidential debate including Libertarian candidates Steve Kubby, George Phillies and Wayne Allyn Root, as well as Green candidates Alan Augustson and kat swift. 06/27/07, 7pm Eastern on M2K Radio (various formats, and the debate will be archived)

- Steve Kubby debates Christine Smith on The Liberated Space. 07/12/07, 4:30pm Pacific (various formats, and the debate will be archived)

I'll post other events as they are scheduled. Let me know of them when you hear they're coming!

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