Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bet you didn't see this one coming ...

This Incredibly Stupid Statement of the Day gig bothers me a little. I'm not by nature a negative person, so when I put myself in the position of calling people stupid on literally a daily basis, I feel a bit of an obligation to highlight the non-stupid as well.

I just didn't expect to find it on Hugh Hewitt's site.

Patrick Ruffini makes a good case that "the fence" just isn't worth fighting over.

After all, if we open the front door to peaceful immigrants, the worst the fence could be said to represent is a few billion dollars wasted on chain link, barbed wire and "public works" graft -- a drop in the bucket, really. At best, it could even be considered a (minor, probably ineffectual, but real) national defense feature versus those terrorists and criminals who can't just walk in through the front door.

I expect to be thinking about this one quite a bit ... and considering the possibility that my opposition to "the fence" has been more a matter of esthetic revulsion than of "open borders" principle.

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