Friday, June 01, 2007

A little light remodeling ...


- The funky script that pulled up products from Amazon. It slowed down the page load time considerably, I wasn't impressed with the intelligence of the "contextual product selection" algorithm, and so far as I can tell it generated not a single sale.

- The broken graphic in the design credit. Digitally Essential is no longer in business, and I'm not sure where Jenny Giannopoulou, who gifted me this wonderful template, is right now (her personal site appears to be gone).

- Several buttons and geegaws. Once again, they slowed down the page load time, and they didn't seem to be hot attractions.


- The Blogger bar at the top. While I never saw any policy that said I couldn't block it, I always felt kind of bad about doing so. I mean, they give me free hosting after all. And frankly, after testing out some of the other free (and paid!) blog hosting services, I still think that Blogger/Blogspot is the way to go.

For my next trick, I'll be winnowing out dead links in the blogrolls and adding some new ones. If you think I owe you some link love, you're probably right. Drop me a line about it.

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