Friday, August 11, 2006

They saw the light?

Came across this while wandering:

In the flurry of pro and con statements from American Christians regarding Israel's strikes on Hezbollah guerillas, one major religious group has remained notably quiet - evangelicals.

The most influential organizations in the movement, usually vocal backers of the Jewish state, have made no formal comment on the war in Lebanon despite pleas from Israelis that they do so.
-- "Evangelicals quiet about war," Orange County Register, 08/11/06

And who can blame them? Evangelicals have traditionally stood by Israel through thick and thin, but the invasion of Lebanon just doesn't pass the smell test as a matter of national, cultural or religious survival, or even as something that's likely to improve Israel's security in any lasting way without massive American military intervention or some other "miracle factor." After the Busheviks' cynical abuse of evangelicals' close relationship with the Republican Party to sell the Iraq fiasco, they're probably getting to be just a teensy weensy little bit less trusting about this kind of thing.

Even most of the usual suspects can't seem to work up a good froth on Israel's behalf this time around. Outside of a few of the most hardcore Republican Surrealists and the whackjobs over at the Institute for the Destruction of Objectivism, nobody's buying.

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