Thursday, August 31, 2006

More about "sponsored posts"

As you can tell, I'm trying not to let "sponsored posts" overwhelm my bloggage, but I did want to get back to Kn@ppster's readers with a followup report. There are a lot of "income opportunities" out there which turn out to be scams. You do the work, but you never see the money. I try to keep y'all informed of what I run into on my never-ending quest for bucks.

I'm happy to report that PayPerPost is not one of those scams. I've actually received money from them -- two $5 "referral commissions" (via PayPal -- very convenient) for sending them new bloggers (thanks, guys!). I haven't been paid for the "sponsored posts" yet, because they defer payment for 30 days to ensure that bloggers don't post, collect, then erase the posts, but I have every expectation of receiving those payments. Their site even gives me a convenient countdown to the day when I will be paid for each post.

So: This is a good one. There's no reason why you can't easily make enough money to cover dialup Internet service or your paid blog hosting service -- more if you're ambitious. If you're interested, visit PayPerPost -- and please use my email address (thomaslknapp at yahoo dot com) in the "referred by" space when you sign up!

And by the way, no, this is not a "sponsored post" except to the extent that I might make some referral commissions from it.

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