Monday, August 21, 2006

About "sponsored posts"

As previously noted, I've decided to start "blogging for dollars." I want to share my reasons for, and thoughts on, doing so.

The obvious reason, of course, is, um, money. I doubt that I'll be making my living this way or anything, but a few extra bucks always comes in handy.

There's also a less obvious reason. I've had some "writer's block" problems lately. Blogging for bucks mitigates that in two ways, Money's a good motivator, and the "opportunity listings" may prove to be good ground for finding inspirational material (yes, really -- I've been writing reviews for awhile anyway).

Now, to the promises:

- I'll always make it clear that sponsored posts are sponsored posts.

- Kn@ppster will not be dominated by sponsored posts. I haven't settled on a maximum ratio yet, but they'll appear in between non-sponsored material of the type you've become accustomed to reading here.

And, finally, to the pitch:

If you want to get paid for blogging yourself, check out PayPerPost ... and if you sign up, please put my email address (thomaslknapp at yahoo dot com) in the "referred by" blank ($5 a shot for recruiting new bloggers!).

And now, back to more interesting stuff.

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