Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You can tell because their lips move

I've been wondering about this all day, and Richard Winger's Ballot Access News seems to have the scoop:

Despite having promised to remain in New York's gubernatorial race as the Libertarian Party's candidate whether or not he won the Republican Party's nomination as well, William Weld is dropping out.

I'm not going to play holier-than-thou on this: I didn't condemn the New York LP's decision to nominate Weld. I wasn't hog-wild about it, but I thought some good might come of it. So no "I told you so" from this corner. It's easy to forget Rules Number One and Two of early 21st Century American Politics. I forgot them, and so did a majority of delegates at the LPNY's nominating convention.

Rule Number One, of course, being: Republicans are liars.

And Rule Number Two, of course, being: Republicans who claim with straight faces to be libertarians are Clintonesque liars -- the kind of congenital tall-tale-tellers who'll throw out a whopper in full (and, unfortunately, often justified) confidence that their audience will swallow it without question.

Libertarians are smart, but we're too naive and trusting. We gotta get over that.

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