Saturday, June 03, 2006

Touch that dial!

If you think you don't like libertarian talk radio, you've probably been listening to Lester "One drop of Negro blood in your family could push it backward 3,000 years in history" Maddox's old speechwriter. Can't say I blame you -- if I had to listen to him, I wouldn't think I liked libertarian talk radio either.

You need to tune in to some libertarian libertarian talk radio. In no particular order (okay, okay, they are in a particular order -- a randomly chosen one other than the first two, which I believe is only fair given my connections with those two), here are some recommendations:

Free Market News Network e-radio -- several shows, various topics. Hell, I'm on there occasionally.

Freedom Rings with Kenneth John broadcasts live (radio and net) from Elgin, Illinois every Monday morning. Lots of cool guests and topics!

Radio Free Liberty is a fairly new show out of Springfield, Missouri. The LPers down there are great guys. Nuts, but great guys. Give'em a listen.

The Sloan Ranger is now afternoon drive-time host at St. Louis's WGNU, and richly deserves his recent promotion from late-night hell. Lloyd Sloan is a former Missouri Libertarian Party chair (and, although he finally ditched his formal membership in the party until it gets rid of "the pledge," he still gives freely of his time and effort on its behalf), a personal friend, and a downright fascinating guy.

Free Talk Live seems to be one of the fastest-growing libertarian shows around -- in addition to Internet broadcasting (live and pod), it is carried on a number of stations around the country. Florida-based and well worth the time.

Liberated Space just ... well ... kicks ass. Being of leftish libertarian sensibilities myself, I find its perspective a refreshing change from standard suit-and-tie conservatarianism.

I'm not sure exactly what Scott Horton, a/k/a Philip Dru in a previous incarnation, has been up to lately, but I see a podcast archive from as recently as May 9th, so I'm not going to leave him out. I suspect that his penetrating and wide-ranging interviews will be major source material for a future history of the libertarian movement in the early 21st century. Check out Scott's blog, too.

I can't figure whether or not Charles Goyette has a broadcasting gig right now, but if he doesn't, he should.

I'm sure I'm missing several shows that should have been here, but hey -- it's damn near 2 a.m. I'm sure I'll do this again some time. After all, friends don't let friends listen to Boortz.

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