Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Henley un-hypes it

Check out Bloggasm's interview with Jim Henley of Unqualified Offerings fame.

Nice point here:

Simon Owens: As the election season gears up, do you think that the major political blogs will have more political clout than usual?

Jim Henley:
Well, there's no "usual" yet. It's only the last election cycle or two where blogs have had a chance to play a significant role, either on the editorial or advertising side.

Ah, rarity of rarities: Common sense.

My own question isn't whether or not bloggers over-estimate our own political influence, but how much we (and some credulous journalists and politicians) do so.

No, I'm not saying blogs don't play a role, or that that role isn't a growing one. But 2004 was the first election in which we played more than a bit part. 2006 may -- or may not -- be a breakout. It's not our world premier at Mann's Chinese Theatre. It's the audition for lead role in 2008 ... and I won't be terribly surprised if Denzel gets the nod instead.

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