Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A little competition does the ol' blogosphere good

Not to get overly bitchy, but after several months and three webform inquiries (starting before the 2004 election, when campaigns were dropping ad money faster than bloggers could get their buckets under it), I have yet to receive a response from BlogAds.

Yeah, I know, I'm not one of the big guys ... yet. But Knappster's audience is growing and in a fairly well-defined demographic. I'd like to run nicely targeted advertising (which is why I haven't gone with, say, AdBrite as I have with some other projects -- their network ads just aren't very topical). And I'm willing to be extremely reasonable where price is concerned.

So what's up, BlogAds? Why can't I even get a nice form letter to the tune of "your blog doesn't fit our clients' needs" or something?

It looks like a competitor may be preparing to enter the market. Maybe even a responsive competitor who will give smaller blogs the time of day.

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