Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Flash Eaters

Had dinner last night with two of the best people on earth -- Steve "Flash" Gordon and Deborah Gordon, MD, his better (and better-looking) half. Actually, I guess it would be six of the best people on earth -- Tamara, the kids and one of the Gordons' Alabama LP friends, whose name I can't recall at this particular instant, were there too.

The Gordons were in St. Louis for a Libertarian Party state chair conference at the Renaissance Hotel. This place answers to the descriptive "swank," and I'm glad my old boss (I worked for Steve on the Russo and Badnarik campaigns) was buying -- prime rib at the hotel restaurant ("T-Bones") ain't cheap. I'm pretty sure the LP gets good room rates, though -- the LP holds all of its events at Marriott hotels and presumably gets a discount for doing so. And the Renaissance is very convenient to the airport, which makes it a good place for meetings that bring together people from across the country.

While there, I ran into a number of friends and acquaintances -- Rex Bell of Indiana, Justin Kempf (of Indiana, too, but late of Missouri), Robert Butler of Ohio, national LP chair Mike Dixon, et al. Unfortunately, I missed Jason Hallmark and numerous others, most of all Jim Lark. These political events keep people occupied all day and then they scatter for some fun.

It was a good time. Can't say I miss the esophageal effects of LP activism, but the people are great. So is the prime rib (it's smoked -- something I hadn't had before; not sure I'll abandon regular prime rib, but it's worth a try). Thanks, Steve!

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