Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson 187: Some Questions

Question #1 (multiple choice). Did the various police agencies operating in Ferguson:

(a) Intentionally ignore the burning of 10-15 buildings last night so that they could concentrate their attention on the peaceful protesters and blame said protesters for the arsons today?; or did they

(b) Actually carry out, or arrange in advance for the carrying out of, the burning of 10-15 buildings last night so that they wouldn't have to rely on chance to ensure that they'd have something to blame the peaceful protesters for today?; or

(c) Hmmm ... I'm trying to think of some third possibility, but there doesn't seem to be one. As you were.

Question #2 (in four parts):

Part 1: Can Bob McCulloch be disbarred or otherwise sanctioned by the courts and/or the Missouri Bar Association for his flagrant violation of legal ethics in representing the interests of Darren Wilson rather than the interests of his client ("the people of St. Louis County")?

Part 2: Can Bob McCulloch be financially sanctioned in the amount of the pay he collected to represent "the people of St. Louis County" as prosecutor while he was actually representing Darren Wilson as a defense attorney?

Part 3: Can Bob McCulloch be financially sanctioned in the amount of costs to St. Louis County's taxpayers of putting on his "we're going to pretend this is a grand jury proceeding when in fact it will be an all-out effort to prevent and/or sabotage any possible prosecution of Darren Wilson" charade?

Part 4: Since this case never proceeded to trial as it clearly should have, and since "double jeopardy" is therefore not a factor, is it possible that due process for "the people of St. Louis County" might still be achievable by, for example, the governor appointing a special prosecutor to establish probable cause in either a preliminary hearing or before a grand jury so that Wilson can be charged and tried?

Just asking.

Neil Lock Reviews KN@PPSTER's Big Freakin' Book of Stuff

A second review at the Libertarian Alliance site. And it's also positive! The main non-positive takeaway, which I'll address in comments over there instead of here (I figure I owe it to my reviewers to reply to them where they live; it's the least I can do!):

There's lots of good stuff here, though most is very US-centric. Meaning, that it won't be understood by those from east of the pond, except for a few oddballs like me. ... As the book stands, it is only of interest to US libertarians and anarchists, and to their eccentric friends like me. I think it could be made much more effective and inclusive by aiming it at the rational reader who has no cultural preconceptions, and by making it clear just what prompted each essay.

And now the obligatory self-promotional plug: You can get the book as a free download in PDF format in at least two places, or buy it (very reasonably priced, IMO) in EPUB, MOBI or dead tree format from FastPencil. Click here for the gory details.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sean Gabb Reviews KN@PPSTER's Big Freakin' Book of Stuff

Over at the UK Libertarian Alliance's web site, Sean Gabb (an accomplished author on both the fiction and non-fiction sides of the street -- that's one of his, under a pseudonym, in the "what I'm reading" sidebar) reviews my new essay collection, KN@PPSTER's Big Freakin' Book of Stuff.

I appreciate the review, and of course the endorsement of the book. I also appreciate the arguments/criticisms. Please check out the review. And of course you can get the book (there's a free PDF download or order links for other versions) by clicking on the picture of the book cover.

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