Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Concerning WhyNotGaryJohnson.com

Well, the campaign for the Libertarian Party's 2016 presidential nomination is over and the nominees are Gary Johnson for president and William Weld for vice-president.

I believe that a vote on the national convention floor comes with certain obligations. Energetically supporting the ticket is not one of those obligations -- you're either enthusiastic or you aren't. However, not actively opposing the ticket, unless some unusual and extreme situation arises which requires one to do so, is one of those obligations.

So, I've taken down the anti-Johnson/Weld site I created at whynotgaryjohnson.com and replaced it with a parking page (at least I've told Namecheap to do that ... it doesn't seem to have propagated yet).

The domain is listed for sale in Namecheap's marketplace for $500 -- but I've also contacted a friend with the campaign. If the campaign wants it, they get it for whatever the cost of transferring it comes to: Ten bucks or so. It seems like it would be a pretty cool URL that they might want to use for something.

All in all, I thought the site was a fairly good little operation -- five pages of bullet points explaining why Johnson shouldn't be the nominee. I publicized it by scattering otherwise unmarked QR codes all over the national convention site. I hope it played a role in denying Johnson and Weld first-ballot victories. As close as they came, I think maybe it did contribute to that.

But now it's time to move on.

A Note on Celebrity

Libertarian National Conventions are always a huge and undeserved ego boost for me. At least a few people come up to me and seem flattered to meet me because they've noticed me before. Rest assured, I am at least as flattered to meet them.

A new friend I made at the convention, who had NOT previously noticed me, emailed me this morning about that, asking "[a]m I supposed to know you as some kind of celebrity?"

Three things:

  • If you're loud enough for long enough, people start to remember your name.
  • As Robert Stacy McCain says, "being notorious is not the same as being famous, but it's better than being anonymous."
  • I'd rather have friends than admirers.

That is all.

A Bit of Fun Political Trivia

This past Sunday in Orlando, the Libertarian Party nearly nominated (and should have nominated) Larry Sharpe for vice-president of the United States. If they had, he would, so far as I know, have been the second former US Marine to appear on American ballots as a vice-presidential candidate. The first:

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