Thursday, July 18, 2019

It's Not About Whether or Not Trump is a Racist

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.

As for that set of tweets, no, they didn't specifically reference race, so if you want to make the argument that they "weren't technically racist," feel free to out yourself as a moron and I'll spot you a point. You get "not technically racist," I get "idiotic, revolting, and xenophobic." Does losing 3-1 really feel better than losing 4-0?

So, "not technically racist."

But clearly intended to appeal to racists and other bigots.

If this was the first time Trump had let slip something idiotic, revolting, xenophobic, and arguably racist, AND perhaps if he had caught himself, apologized for mis-speaking, etc., some other conclusion might be plausible.

But it's far from the first time and this time he didn't even give the audience he's appealing to a wink and nudge out like he did with, say, Charlottesville.

So either he's a drooling imbecile who never has any idea what the hell he's actually saying and probably needs someone to change his diaper, wipe the drool off his face, and hold his hand when he crosses the street, or he meant to do that because he considered doing that politically useful.

Take your pick. It's one or the other.

Change My Mind

"National Conservatism," aka Trumpism, is the Marriage of Peckerwood Populism to Mussolinist Socialism

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

An Interesting Film ...

Every so often I get an email offer from Vudu (not an affiliate link) -- watch one of their "free with ads" movies and get a discount on my next rental or purchase. When that happens, I pick a movie, start it running on one of my two desktop monitors ... and it either keeps my attention or doesn't. Either way, it runs and I get a buck or three off something I really want to see.

I wasn't expecting much from The Assignment except perhaps an opportunity to see Michelle Rodriguez naked. But hey, that's enough for something I don't otherwise have to pay attention to, right? Based on the trailer, I figured it would just be a cheesy "transploitation" action flick with, as I may have already mentioned, hopefully some naked Michelle Rodriguez.

It's actually quite interesting, and in a more than naked Michelle Rodriguez way. Much of it follows the doctor (played by Sigourney Weaver) who performed involuntary gender reassignment on a hit man who killed her brother (Rodriguez) as she's being interviewed about her motivations and actions by another doctor (Tony Shalhoub) while confined in a mental institution as mentally unfit for trial. I'll probably watch it again with my wife and (trans) daughter to see what they think about the discussions relating to transgender stuff.

Also, yes, you get to see Michelle Rodriguez naked, in two different genders. And Sigourney Weaver in a bathtub, but you really only see her head and hands. Which is more important to the movie than you might think.

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