Thursday, July 08, 2021

Had to Go Look at a Map ...

... to reassure myself that I was correct and that Haiti is not a US state or territory.

AP Headline: "Biden with few options to stabilize Haiti in wake of slaying"

Why on Earth would it be Joe Biden's job to "stabilize Haiti?"

A couple of excerpts and thoughts:

"With the era of gunboat diplomacy long over, the U.S. is unlikely to deploy troop" to Haiti. Well, that's nice, anyway.

"[Assassinated Haitian president Jovenel Mo├»se] appeared to be on his way out, having set Sept. 26 to hold elections for president and parliament. The electoral timetable was backed by the Biden administration, though it rejected plans to hold a constitutional referendum ..."

What would Joe Biden call it if Vladimir Putin "backed" the US having 2022 congressional midterms, but "rejected" a proposed amendment to the US Constitution? Haven't we been having such a public discussion about things like that for a few years now?

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