Friday, July 09, 2021

Another One of Those "You Get Cool Stuff and so do I" Things

I know a lot of you avoid the "major" search engines for various reasons such as a desire for privacy.

Me, I have Microsoft's Bing set as my default. Every time I type a search into my URL bar, it brings up results from Bing, then I go elsewhere if what I'm looking for isn't obvious.

And every time I do that, I get "rewards points." Every month or so, I rack up enough of those points to redeem them for e.g. a $5 Amazon gift card.

And if I talk you into joining "Bing Rewards" through my referral link, I get some points for that, and subsequently when you earn points of your own.

But I'm not going to try to talk you into it. I'm just going to mention it and trust you to know whether it's your kind of thing or not.

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